Horse and Hands

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL)

Horse&Hands is located at Meadowlark Farm, a picturesque hobby farm in Lynden Ontario. We offer private and group FEEL Sessions, Equine Therapy and Equine related workshops and activities.

Horse and Hands
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

A Unique Path to Self-Discovery

Nestled in the serene setting of Lynden, Ontario, Horse&Hands invites you to embark on a transformative journey at Meadowlark Farm. Here, we offer private and group FEEL sessions, Equine Therapy, and a variety of equine-related workshops, designed to reconnect you with your mind, body, and spirit through the intuitive wisdom of horses.

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

Experience the power of FEEL, a unique program where horses teach you to live more authentically. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose touch with ourselves, leading to stress and emotional imbalance. Our horses guide you back, helping you to experience the present moment more fully and understand the messages behind your emotions.

Horses as Mirrors

Our horses are sensitive beings that reflect back to us what we're feeling, often without our conscious awareness. They communicate in subtle but profound ways—rolling to show vulnerability, yawning to release stress, and more. By observing and interacting with them, you gain deeper insights into your own behaviors and emotions, guided by their innate wisdom.

Grounded Learning

With Horse&Hands, there's no need for prior horse experience or riding. Our sessions are conducted on the ground, allowing for direct and meaningful interaction. Through various experiential exercises, you'll be led by these wise beings, opening up pathways to self-awareness and personal growth. Discover who you truly are, with the gentle guidance of our horses.

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Meet the Team


Spirit is our newest member at Horse&Hands. He spent his whole life working as a buggy horse and now he can retire in style! Still eager to work with people, Spirit is incredibly sensitive and he feels deeply. He loves attention and will stand for hours being groomed and dotted over.


This handsome boy joined the team in 2019 after coming from a loving home. This horse has only ever known kindness, and that is reflected back to the people he interacts with. He is a wonderful teacher of confidence, power, and authenticity.


Daisy and her caretaker, Shauna, joined the Horse&Hands team in November 2021. Daisy is a miniature horse with a gigantic heart! She is a natural leader with deep wisdom and intuition. Daisy is highly gifted in knowing exactly what a person needs in the moment. She is friendly, joyful, and one of the first horses to greet anyone who steps into the paddock.


Luna arrived at Horse&Hands in 2022 after being a lesson horse for most of her life. She is now retired and is very happy and willing to assist people in their growth and healing. Luna is incredibly gentle and quiet, and loves giving and receiving attention.


The youngest member of the Horse&Hands team, Saela brings a sense of innocence, playfulness, and joy (Her name in Icelandic means Joy). Saela is very enthusiastic to help teach and always volunteers first to work with people! Her friendly in-your-pocket personality wins people over quickly.


Willow was the first horse to join the Horse&Hands team back in 2012. She came from a rescue organization where she had multiple homes and wasn't appreciated for the beautiful soul that she is. As a result, it took her a very long time to trust humans again. Willow brings the gift of trust, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Suzanne Coleman

Suzanne founded Horse&Hands in 2012 after graduating as a FEEL Facilitator. Her love of horses and her desire to help people was the inspiration behind her business. Suzanne has always shared her life with animals, and feels so grateful for all that they have taught her. Suzanne is also a Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner.

Vicky Higgins

Vicky left a corporate sales career and became a Personal Trainer in 2008. This is when she became interested in the mind, body, spirit trilogy. Her passion is for her clients to live their best lives through discovery, understanding, and empowerment. She is a certified FEEL Facilitator, Level II Reiki Practitioner, and a Bioenergy Therapy Practitioner specializing in Karmic DNA.

Kathrine Lemmon

Kathrine left the corporate world in 2010 to pursue her passion for personal growth. She is an energy therapist and spiritual coach, an energy work instructor, and leads group workshops and meditations. Her heartfelt wish is to help others achieve peace, good health, and joy while following their own unique purpose and spiritual path.

Shauna Mayer

With 20 years in mental health & spiritual care, Shauna, a FEEL-certified counsellor, helps clients experiencing burnout, trauma, and stress. She's also a yoga and Reiki practitioner, offering healing sessions and self-help tools through her Connect Decks. Currently in graduate studies, Shauna will start offering virtual and in-person equine-assisted psychotherapy in late 2024.

Lisa Burchartz

Lisa Burchartz is a seasoned C-suite advisor with 25 years in Leadership Development, specializing in overcoming burnout and chronic illness through Equine Assisted Learning. She is certified in Executive Somatics and Integrative Trauma Therapy, committed to helping individuals and organizations thrive. More at Lisa Burchartz

Gord Coleman

Meadowlark Farm wouldn’t look so good without the hard work of Gord! Gord is responsible for building and repairing fences, cutting grass, stacking hay and any job that is required on the farm! Gord dedicates countless hours making this farm a wonderful place to be, whether you have two legs or four legs!


Every visitor to the farm is greeted by our resident cat, Lucy. Lucy loves to be apart of all of the activities that takes place at Meadowlark Farm. She is an amazing protector of the ducks and chickens, and most days she can be found hanging out with the horses.

The Goats & Sheep

Meadowlark Farm is the cherished home to an endearing group of goats and sheep—Clarence, George, Olive, and Otis. These delightful animals are more than just residents; they are a source of constant laughter, boundless joy, and a profound sense of peace that permeates throughout the farm.